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Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Based on Jammer Free

The Spy Earpiece Radio Neckloop Kit is great for mobile jammer area wish to make use of a mobile phone for communication. This is popular with the police and other security outfits where communication via radio is a preference.
The kit itself includes our Standard Earpiece , an Amplified Inductive Radio Neckloop working in mobile jammer area plus the fantastic tti TXL 446 PMR Radio. The PTT (Push to talk) switch on the neckloop enables 2 way conversation.

How To Use Spy Wireless Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Kit?

To use firstly insert the provided battery into the earpiece and place inside the ear canal. Connect the neckloop up to your 2 way radio using the provided adapter. You should now be able to hear any audio transmitted to your radio in the earpiece. Should you wish to talk back you can do so by pushing the PTT (Push to talk) button.

Features And Specifications Of Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Kit.

TTI Txl 446 2 Way Radio
This fantastic radio is great for commercial and consumer users is suitable for both commercial and consumer users.
It has a number of features not usually found on a device t such a low price including VOX for handsfree operation.
Battery life is a whopping 15 hours from just 3 x AA Rechargable NIMH batteries (included). Included in the box is a charger and belt clip also.
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It is the ideal companion to our radio compatible neckloop The radio is packaged with its own charger and belt clip, it will deliver more than 15 hours operation from its 3 x AA Rechargeable NiMH batteries.

Product Specification :

Spy Earpiece Standard
Amplified Radio Neckloop
TTI Txl 446 PMR Radio

Product Code: BE1015

Spy Bluetooth Neckloop Earpiece Based on Jammer Free
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