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Spy Bluetooth Glasses Earpiece Set

Features Of Bluetooth Glasses

It is absolutely new device at the market. This product is a result of teamwork of fashion designers with nano technologies specialists. Today with the development of nano technologies we are glad to present our new tool mwe spy glasses set. They are made of european details with care. This is a new cool gadget for all spy earbud users. For those who want to pass their exams or receive help at the meeting without being noticed. Spy glasses set is equipped with spy earbud and sensible microphone. The spy earbud allows you to hear everything that your partner tells you. The sensitive microphone, built in the glasses, allows you to speak with your partner who is ready to dictate you all the necessary information in real time. Mwe glasses can work with any cell phone that has a bluetooth function. What are mwe spy glasses? It's a special device designed to assist you in situations that can even influence on your life or future career. Nobody will even notice you are getting help! How do they work? After you charge the glasses just put them and insert the invisible spy earbud into your ear.

Following Situations:

While you (to provide you with secret spy help) - at the meeting, negotiations or conferences (to always know exactly what is happening even if it does not concern you) - if you work as a security guard and need assistance (to feel yourself with confidence) - while playing games or joking with your friends (just for fun) we have warranty for all our products. If something happens, do not worry, we are ready to change the set. After you order the set, we will ship it in one business day. If you want to know more about mwe spy glasses set, our 24 hour support is ready to help you. Mwe spy glasses set includes: - bluetooth glasses (with sensible microphone) - nano or spy earbud - 2 batteries for the earbud - usb cable to charge - quick guide .

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Spy Bluetooth Glasses Earpiece Set
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Technology is changing and so is fashion and with the ongoing trend on have to change. Keeping the fashion and technology in mind, Action India Home Products is introducing to you the stylish spy Bluetooth glasses with earpiece. It helps the spies and special agents to remain connected with their team without anyone’s notice and the youngsters can use it too for its fresh look and style statement. One has to just connect one’s phone with the glasses like any other Bluetooth device and communicate with others by inserting the small earpiece into your ear which has very clear sound and the built in microphone helps you to talk back. To buy online, you can visit our website where we provide you cheapest prices in Delhi, India. We also have a spy shop in Delhi where you can visit and buy the products. We also provide free shipping on our cash on delivery option.

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