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Mobile Phone In Calculator

Scientific calculator with the feature of a mobile phone.
We have designed a special scientific calculator . The calculator has inbuilt mobile phone through which you can receive the text messages. Since the device looks like a calculator therefore, no one can suspect that you are using a mobile phone. You can use it cheating in your examinations. The school, college allows their students to carry scientific calculator, for the difficult calculations and now the same calculator will help you to write answers in the examination hall.

Now need to prepare the chits for cheating or asking the answers from your friend just carry the gadget and, your problem will be solved. The special calculator does not only look like a calculator, rather it functions like it also, so you can fool your teaching, by using it.

The scientific calculator with a hidden mobile phone can also be used for sting operations, as you will get the necessary updates in the form of the text message, besides all the device can be also used for hidden communication and for investigation also.

Product Code: BE1037

Spy Bluetooth Banyan Earpiece Set
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